July 2008, Twitter and Ning: How Can Docs Use Social Networking Tool.
August 2008, Changing the Reimbursement Paradigm:Threat or Opportunity?
September 2008, Using the Power of Information Technology to Transform Health and Care.
October 2008, Low Cost IT Solutions For Your Medical Practice: Tips from a Practicing Physician.
November 2008, Medicare Rewards E-Prescribing: What You Need To Know To Succeed.
December 2008, Google and the Flu: Can The Web Change The Way We Do Epidemiology?

January 2009: Health Information Technology and The New Administration: President-Elect Obama Pushes New Technologies.
February 2009: Economic Challenges Will Change The Healthcare Delivery System.
March 2009: Medical Students Lead the Way: Will Doctors Follow?
April 2009: Electronic Health Records Update.
May 2009: The Patient Centered Medical Home and EHR Technology: Opportunity or Threat?
June 2009: Your Cell Phone: A Gateway to Go High Tech?
July 2009: Electronic Health Record Certification: How Industry Lobbyist's and Politicians Stifle Competition.
August 2009: Certified Electronic Health Records: Regulators Change of Heart Provides New Opportunity.
October 2009: The Economic Crisis Will Change the Healthcare Delivery System: How Can Your Practice Prosper?
November 2009: Medical Practice Technology Solutions On A Tight Budget.
December 2009: How Do You Find A User Friendly Electronic Health Record?

January 2010: Chronic Disease Management: Simple Technology Solution Saves Lives,Improves Care and reduces Costs.
February 2010: Meaningful Use Criteria For Electronic Health Records: Enigma or Solution?
March 2010: Are Electronic Health records Already Obsolete?
April 2010: Electronic Health Record Assistance For South Florida Physicians: Lets Get Started!
May 2010: Meaningful Use Standards May Delay EHR Implementation: AMA Seek Compromise Solution.
June 2010: The Forgotten Stakeholder: Will Our Patients Demand For Accessible and Affordable Healthcare Drive Necessary Change?
July 2010: Your Health IT Stimulus Money Is Here: How Do You Get The Most Out Of It?
August 2010: Meaningful Use And Electronic Health Records: What Does It Mean For Me?
September 2010: Transforming Our Medical Practice: Why do you need an EHR Transition team?
October 2010: Electronic Health Records Can Get Sick Too:What Do You Need To Know To Prevent A Crisis?
November 2010: Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchange: The New Tower of Babel?

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